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Psychological Group

1) Will of History. What moves the history? Who moves the history?
2) How can you become a part of elite?
3) First anti-economical social formation and how to live in it?
4) Religion of money
5) Class approach and psychohistorical approach

6) Smith, Darwin, Nietzsche, Fascism and supermen? Do you want to be a tough guy?
7) Feminism and war against men
8) Oedipus
9) Self-destruction of states
10) Competition and trolls

11) NLP
12) Religions
13) The West and Russia
14) Communism and Stalin. Should communism be condemned?
15) USA. Is it Empire of Good nowadays?

16) Conspiracies and world governments, and classes
17) Wars nowadays
18) Trolls
19) NLP
20) Kiosaki and two his Dads

21) Paranoia versus schizophrenia
22) Happiness, effectiveness
23) Being healthy
24) Developing facilities
25) Immortality of the soul

26) World of dreams
27) Yoga, Karma, Sansara, Sadhana
28) Do we deserve to be respected? Entrepreneurs attack can you defend yourself?
29) The Ten Commandments

30) Truth and lies
31) Are insane people responsible?
32) Why did you come to this world?
33) Should all religions be tolerated?
34) Should we try to save this world?
35) Religion and sexuality

36) Moderalism
37) Russia and the West
38) Manipulations
39) Openness and Reticence
40) Psychoanalysis and Psychologists

41) Why do people lie?
42) Being clever is the stupidest choice in the world, isn’t it? Do you want to be clever?
43) Do you want to be charismatic?
44) Some very controversial principles of effective behavior
45) Keif-orientations

46) Bad habits. Are they really bad?
47) Is marriage obsolete?
48) Is everything allowed in sex? And why not?

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