Pronunciation seminars program
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Pronunciation seminars program

Постановка Произношения

Computer programs and organizing the work

1) Computer programs for working on pronunciation
2) Organizing the work (mocking, reading with recording, reading aloud)
3) Materials for working
4) Computer stretching of speech

Changing Russian speech 1 - resonators

1) Throaty pronunciation and how to catch it. High and low throaty pronunciations.
Phonetic smile (no roundness), tongue position openness of mouth and economy of breath. Throaty pressure.
2) Relaxation. Lax speech. As a drunken man.
3) Nasal speech.
4) Ch-resonator. Tip of the tongue position: ch, t, d, l, n.
5) Phonetical smile.
6) Half soft speech

Changing Russian speech 2 – music of English

1) Two types of stress organization: syllabic and tonic.
2) Stress interval in English
3) Syllabic stresses in English – reduction, contractions, pauses.


1) Four types of stresses in English and their difference from Russian stresses.
2) Types of long vowels (doubled sounds, surrounding, logical stress).
3) How to play with stresses (unstressed speech, only dynamic, only pitch, only length)
4) Diphthongization: can, bad
5) All kind of stops


1) International Phonetic Alphabet and tongue position.
2) Restrictions of the IPA chart approach
3) What is softness of Russian vowels. Main Russian vowels and allophones.
4) Phonetic clock: lax and tense vowels, oppositions in General American.


1) Acoustics, articulation, phonology
2) What is phoneme? Different approaches. Diaphonemes.
3) What are letters?

American versus British

1) Pronunciation of R before consonants
2) Words like ask, grasp, fast
3) Ringing t in words like better, butter.
4) Pronunciation of u: future, nude.

5) man vs men
6) Monophthongization in American: air, fire
7) Phonetic smile in American
8) American open, written

9) Nasality ???
10) Stops ???
11) British cop to cup ???
12) British cup to coop ???
13) British cat to cut ???
14) British take to tike ???
15) British dog to dock ???
16) British autumn

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