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Школа Шальнова
Языки через общение, самостоятельность, развитие способностей
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Languages Group

1) Mind map of foreign language. Foreign language consist of... consist in...
2) Learning words. Mnemonics, flash cards, electronic flash cards, developing memory, etc...
3) "Magic" techniques of memory
4) What is magic?
5) Levels of understanding what studying foreign languages is

6) Approaches
7) Comprehensible input
8) Affective filter
9) Reading, speed reading, artistic reading
10) Working on voice

11) Polyglots and monoglots
12) Blind typing
13) Pronunciation
14) Phonology
15) Communication games

16) Levels of teaching
17) Rules of reading
18) Extreme reduction
19) Parallel texts
20) Interesting books and other resources

21) Computers, bookreaders, tablets and other gadgets
22) Movies and how to watch them
23) Tutorials, manuals, textbooks, exercises
24) Grammar books
25) Examinations

26) Hypnopedia
27) Translation, interpreting
28) English phonemes in Russian letters
29) Memory as vector graphics
30) Languages and sexuality

31) Languages and war
32) Motivation
33) Languages and children
34) Dictionaries
35) Physical health and brain

36) All channels of perception (modalities)
37) Bilingualism

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