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Взять да и привязаться к чтению...

Как-то в сети нашел интересный текст неизвестного автора, который теперь уже и не найти...

I am only 17 years old but I think I have a problem. I think I am addicted to reading. Is that possible? I tell this to people and they laugh and say, "Oh that's not bad. It is good thing that you like to read so much!" I look at them and think to myself, "Addictions are not a good thing no matter what you are addicted to," right? Isn't an addiction when it what ever it is your doing, interferes with your life so that your not having a normal life. That's how I see it anyway.

I read all the time. I always have to be reading a book. Books make me happy. It seems that when I am not reading a book I am very irritable and am always craving one. Reading gets in the way of my homework. I will be reading when I should be working. My mom has even hidden my book on a number of times on the weekend when she had to go out and couldn't keep and eye on me. I would spend up to a half an hour looking for my book and most of the time I would find and the guess what. I would read instead of doing what I was supposed to. I get behind in my schoolwork when I do this and then I get so stressed when things are due.

I have been reading up on addictions and what constitutes as an addiction. One thing is wanting to cut back on the activity or substance and can't seem to accomplish that task. However I have no desire to cut back on my reading. I love to read and it makes me so happy. I love to read fantasy anf SiFi where good always triumphs over evil and the good guy persurveres. The characters come alive for me and I feel like I am there with them experiencing their same hardships and accomplishments. I love all the stories and I am always salivating for more. I become so sad after I finish a series. I feel like I am loosing one of my best friends.

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